Why Us ?

The wide gap experienced between academic education and industry requirement often acts as an obstacle for aspirants wishing to build their carrer in the IT industry. We bring the latest carrer oriented programs for engineers from industry experts support accross the boundries so as to bridge this gap and provide a platform to polish technical shills among students. it will help to build a pool of quality engineers who can be recuited to top organization in IT industry.

Girnar Technologies, our training-cum- placement proud venture,  with a vision to provide a platform to the Candidates aspiring to build their career in IT/CS/EC-Industry, research and analysis on computer science and Information Technology by metaphor the 'Presence - idea to real and real with virtual.'  The wide gap experienced between “Academic Education and Industry Requirement” often acts as an obstacle for aspirants wishing to build their career in the IT-Industry. We, through our proposal, would like to invite your students in this training program offered by our company. This would prove to be an excellent opportunity for your students to begin their career as successful IT engineers. !

What we do

Make you Job ready

We make you job ready by building your Technical, management and provide the best grapich design for individual or coporate business purpose,also communication design, practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual eye.

Web Development

We provide the best web development service for any personal or coporate project with great solutions on demand, and we also use moderm web technology as well.

Buisness Solution

We provide the best service with high-quality printing design and cost-effective printing for any business purpose.



Shrikant Ghosh


Development Team

Mandeep Singh

Training Co-ordinator/Java Developer

Anil Kumar

PHP Developer/Trainer

Payal tak

Android Developer/Trainer

HR Team

Aakanksha Kalra


Jagrati Rana



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Girnar Technologies is the leading Industrial Manpower Readiness and Provider Company that prove a wide range of services to college graduates, graduates, semi-skilled, tech set and school students to polish their skill-sets, so as to improve their employability and prepare for their career in Computer and Business Field. We work as the bridge between college, companies and students so that better and equal opportunity for each candidate and industry oriented training could be imparted to students

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